School has profound faith in self-discipline as it believes that discipline is essential in all walks of life. It is an integral tool for the development of personality. The measures outlined are of ‘self-help’ variety and serve to inculcate an awareness in:

  • All pupils are expected to be neat and clean and wear the prescribed school uniform.
  • Shoes need to be well polished.
  • Girls are advised to make their hair into two plaits using maroon ribbons.
  • Fancy/Ornamental hairdos/clips are not allowed.
  • Behaviour/Deportment/Speech
  • Running in the corridors is prohibited.
  • Courtesy and politeness will be the hallmark of the pupils, who must greet all staff members, visitors and elders, showing due respect at all times.
  • Classroom discipline should be maintained.
  • Pupils must avoid loud talk in and out of classes, in the library and laboratories is a must.
  • Damage to school property will be penalized.
  • Litter must be put into litter bins/dustbins and waste paper baskets.
  • Students are required to show exemplary behaviour in bus, van, auto, etc. Disciplinary action will be taken against those who violate this rule.

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