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1 To provide appropriate education for up to twenty students within the five to sixteen years age band, who are unable to attend mainstream education, and may have emotional, social and behavioural difficulties and other associated learning difficulties.

2 To help students develop confidence in their ability to access and succeed in education.

3 To give the children access to a broad and balanced curriculum including the National Curriculum, Religious Education and Personal, Social, Health and Cultural Education.

4 Highly safe & eco –friendly environment.

5 Personalized care- Standard student-teacher ratio.




  • JASMINE KAUR CHAHAL (2017-2018)
    99% 594/600

  • ABHEYA ARORA (2017-2018)
    98.33% 590/600

  • TARUNIKA RAMPAL (2017-2018)
    97.33% 584/600

  • ARSHPREET (2017-2018)
    97.17% 583/600

  • SHAINA JINDAL (2017-2018)
    97.17% 583/600

  • JASIKA WALIA (2017-2018)
    97% 582/600

  • SUVIDHI (2017-2018)
    97% 582/600

  • JASRUP KAUR (2017-2018)
    96.83% 581/600

  • ANUREET KAUR (2017-2018)
    96.67% 580/600

  • RIDHIMA MITTAL (2017-2018)
    96.67% 580/600

  • Prachi Mal (2018-2019)
    590/600 (98.33 %) X Std

  • Kashish Gupta (2018-2019)
    589/600 (98.17%) X Std

  • Guneet Kaur (2018-2019)
    585/600 (97.50%) x Std

  • Vanshika Aggarwal (2018-2019)
    585/600 (97.50%) X Std

  • Dhivya Malhotra (2018-2019)
    583/600 (97.17%) X Std

  • Vidushi (2018-2019)
    583/600 (97.17%) X Std

  • Lovleen Balhotra (2018-2019)
    582/600 (97%) X Std

  • Sadhavi Lakhanpal (2018-2019)
    582/600 (97%) X Std

  • Sargun Kaur (2018-2019)
    580/600 (96.67%) X Std

  • Jaskirat Kaur
    579/600 (96.50%) X Std
Happy Birthday
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X-mas message

Christmas Message

 Christmas Carols echo in the ether fetching the good tidings of joy, peace and love. The last month in the calendar year December has a special significance as it brings along an important message that there is an end to everything createdand the end comes with a new beginning. Christmas is the birth of Jesus Christ the son of God who came down to reach out to the human beings with His Divine Light. Pay  attention to what the Prophet Isaiah Speaks in Chapter 60 Verse 19,”The Sun shall no longer your light by day, nor for the brightness, shall the moon give light to you by night, but the Lord will be your everlasting light”. Light symbolizes God’s presence radiating joy with it.

                   What a solace the street light would provide to the traveler at night. Prophet once again comes with a strong message, “The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who lived in a land of deep darkness on them the light has shined”. (Is: 9:2)The highest heaven and the earth beneath meet at Christmas on the birth of Jesus ‘the light of the world’. The Infant King Jesus is born on Christmas night extending a powerful message that the saviour would bring good news to the poor, proclaim release to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind to let the oppressed go free and to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favour.(Lk 4/18) This was the outcome of the love of Almighty God who loves His children invariably. He could not but save the human beings by sending His only begotten son, “For God so loved the world that he gave His only son so that everyone who believes in Him may not perish but have eternal life”(Jn3/16). Christmas is the splendid feast of God’s steadfast love and mercy where human beings are invited to receive this free and precious gift.

                  Christmas is a time to give space for others. When human beings give space to their fellow beings God comes and dwells within. It is the readiness to look at the person and understand his need. It is a generosity to be more sensitive, kind and compassionate. It is a genuine effort to broaden the minds to accept and acknowledge all peoples and situations as they are. This Christmas 2018 draws our attention to spread the message of happiness. Every person is created in the image and likeness of God. Jesus came to connect every human being with God the Father and so a great responsibility is entrusted with us to become a connecting link between God and man.

On this Christmas 2018 St. Joseph's family wish all the staff, supportive staff, students, parents and all those dear ones who collaborate with us with their generous and sincere love.

A Happy Christmas and a Grace filled New Year 2019.

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